These are the three distinguishing features of our threads and yarns as well as important guidelines that we have continually followed throughout the history of our enterprise. From the very beginning, quality has been the first priority at the Wagenfelder Spinning Group. That is why customers have always been able to place confidence in our wares. Quality control was and is an essential prerequisite for our production.


Wagenfeld has earned a name for itself in the Textile world by consistently expanding the production program to include interesting and innovative threads and yarns for special needs. Our recipe for success combines an eye for quality with creative know-how in order to develop effective products used in the fabrics, knittings and caprets of our buyers. This requires a continuous interplay and exchange of ideas and technical innovation. We always develop new threads with our customers in close partnership, listening to their ideas and designing products that meet their demands. Our machinery is constantly upgraded so that new thread and yarn concepts can be optimally realized both technically and economically.


“Quick response”! That is a slogan which must be heeded by small and medium-sized industries such as our own. Our spinning mills respond quickly to the wishes of our customers – to market trends – to the latest technical and technological developments.


Whenever our friends in the Textile world think of the Wagenfelder Spinning Group, they associate us with:


the highest quality – interesting threads and yarns – high technical standards – quick response – dependable partners.


This is a declatation of our commitment and motivation – also for the future!


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