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The company Wagenfelder Spinnereien is certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001.



Certification of the Wagenfeld location according to the energy standard ISO 50001.



Today Wagenfelder Spinning Mills, Ltd. and the family of firms in the Wagenfeld Group are well equipped for the future. Despite the globalization of texile markets and the increasingly demanding pressures of competing internatlionally, the Wagenfeld Group has not only been able to hold its own, but also to keep continually growing the group now produces more than 10 million kilos yarn anually, offering the widest array of choices



The Senior Partner Adolf Koerner dies. His sons Friedrich and Gerhard Koerner, already general partners and managers, coninue running the business.


During the following two decades Wagenfelder Spinnereien extend their programme by methodical acquisition of other spinning mills. The Spinning Group Wagenfeld is including now:


▪ Wagenfelder Spinnereien GmbH, Wagenfeld

▪ Thueringer Wollgarnspinnerei GmbH, Bad Langensalza

▪ Vlnap a. s., Nejdek (CZR)

▪ Clasic Cotten s. r. o., Jaromer (CZR)

▪ Hattorfer Kammgarnspinnereien GmbH Niederschmalkalden, Hattorf.



The business assumes a new structure according to commercial law. The Limited Partnership Schulz & Koerner hives off running operations and current assets into the newly founder Wagenfelder Spinnereien GmbH (Wagenfelder Spinning Mills, Ltd.) while retaining its identity as a private corporation.



Company Management decides to concentrate on the spinning mill and carfully reassess factory operations. As a result, cloth production ceases; both weaving

and the menswear division are shut down. The range of spinning mill products is expanded to include specialities like wool, acrylic and polyamide, adapted for use

in carpets, decos, upholstery, knitting, weaving and neddlecraft.



Ernst Schulz and Adolf Koerner are buying the business and turn it into a limited partnerchip. The new management expands and modernizes the mill, renaming it “Wagenfelder Wollwerk” (Wagenfelder Wool Works).



Purposeful expansion of the mill occurs after the First World War. A bigger, 150 hp steam engine is acquired, along with 10 looms, 4 selfactors and 4 cards.



Hugo and Richard Heilbrunn, grandsons of the founder, enter the firm which is now managed as a public trading company. The mill now dyes and twists its own yarn.



10 people, including family members, are now employed by the operation. The mill acquires a spinning machine and 2 looms, driven by a steam engine working 12 metric horsepower (hp). The business is still largely dependent on local farmers

who hire the mill to spin their wool into yarn.



Entry in the Diepholz Trade Register on June 26 under the name of M. B. Blumenthal with Markus Heilbrunn as owner.


Wagenfelder Spinnereien GmbH

Maschweg 1-7

D-49419 Wagenfeld / GERMANY


fon + 49 (0) 5444 501-0

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email: zentrale at wagenfelder dot de


Vlnap a. s.

Karlovarska 1342

CZ-36221 Nejdek



fon + 420 353 162 411

fax + 420 353 825 264

email: info at vlnap dot cz

Internet: www.vlnap.cz



Hattorfer Kammgarnspinnereien GmbH - Niederschmalkalden

Maschweg 1-7

D-49419 Wagenfeld / GERMANY


fon + 49 (0) 5444 501 47

fax + 49 (0) 5444 800

email: hkn-machines at wagenfelder dot de

Internet: www.secondhand-textil-machines.de


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